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Eagle Scout Joshua Stone stands in the middle of the Wye Island Natural Resources Management Area on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Writer Douglass K. Daniel tells how Josh earned the William T. Hornaday Silver Medal -- the BSA's highest honor for conservation -- and turned a Boy Scout project into a lifelong passion for environmental stewardship. Cover photograph by Walter Calahan.

In the October 2007 Issue

A Conversation With the Chief
Robert J. Mazzuca, the BSA's new Chief Scout Executive, tells why he is excited about the future of Scouting.
'Let's Hit the Trail!'
An Illinois pack's monthly hiking program helps younger boys become more confident and comfortable outdoors, making for an easier transition to Boy Scouting.
A Place to Thrive
Earning the Hornaday Silver Medal, Scouting's top conservation award, shaped Eagle Scout Joshua Stone as much as he reshaped the environment.
There's Always Something New to Learn
Cub Scout leaders gain vital skills, knowledge, and confidence during New Leader Essentials and Leader Specific Training.
Life After TV
Can a typical American family find happiness without watching television? After almost four years without TV, a Colorado Scouting family has found out.
Take Better Pictures
A veteran photographer offers simple tips for taking more dramatic and memorable pictures of his favorite subject -- Scouting.

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