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It is arduous, tiring, and knee-scraping, but the five-day, four-event Adventure Trek is a super adrenaline rush for Varsity Scouts and Venturers in Oregon's Cascade Pacific Council. In Michael McDermott's cover photograph, Venturer Steven Chambers of Crew 355, Hillsboro, Ore., sets the pace in the mountain biking event. Writer Jim Gullo describes all the action.

In the March - April 2007 Issue

Eagle Scouts Welcome Gerald Ford Home
Hundreds of Eagle Scouts pay tribute to President Gerald R. Ford, the only U.S. president to earn the Eagle Scout Award, as he is laid to rest in Grand Rapids, Mich. ALSO: Scouts assist at President Ford's funeral service in the nation's capital.
Race to Adventure
In a five-day race against the clock, Varsity Scouts and Venturers tackle the adventure-filled sports of canoeing, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and backpacking.
A Wild Caving Weekend
In the colorful caverns of a state park, Kentucky Scouts discover a fascinating subterranean world.
Paddle Forward!
For the Duryea family of Spokane, Wash., whitewater rafting is more than an exciting pastime. It has given family members self-confidence for taking on life's other challenges.
Winning Wit
It is obvious from the more than 2,000 entries to our cartoon caption contest that when it comes to a sense of humor, Scouting's readers are a barrel of laughs.
Scouts 'NAYLE' the Qualities of Leadership
An innovative course at Philmont's Rocky Mountain Scout Camp reinforces Boy Scout leadership methods by focusing on strategies for group success in challenging high adventure activities.

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