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About our cover:

About our cover: Soccer Cub Scouts from across the country, like these in Donna, Tex., from the Rio Grande Council, are getting a kick out of "Soccer and Scouting," a new program that combines the positive activities and values of Cub Scouting with organized soccer. Associate Editor Kathy Vilim DaGroomes tells how soccer is reaching youth traditionally underserved by Scouting, especially the growing Hispanic-American/Latino population. Cover photograph by Roger Morgan.

In the September 2005 Issue

Cub Scouting's National Roundup Hits Full Speed
NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon takes the lead in recruiting boys for the "Race to Cub Scouting: It's Fun at Every Turn."
An Extreme Makeover for a Cub Scout Family's Home
A national TV audience witnesses an incredible home remodeling project with a special blue and gold emphasis for the family's Cub Scout son.
In Sioux City, Soccer Sizzles
"Soccer and Scouting" gets a warm reception in Siouxland in spite of an Iowa cold snap with a wind chill in the single digits.
In Search of... Knowledge, Teamwork, Fun
A troop's annual scavenger hunt has grown into a district event.
Meeting at Moosehorn
At their 42nd annual camporee, U.S. and Canadian Scouts celebrate the friendship of Scouting in Maine's North Woods.
Teaching Scouts to Be Kind to Animals
Boys from several Oregon packs visit a local humane society to learn empathy, compassion, and respect.
Honoring Yesterday, Preparing for Tomorrow
Scouters at the BSA National Annual Meeting look to efforts like the "Race to Cub Scouting" national campaign to strengthen Scouting as America's No. 1 youth-serving organization.

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