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Venturing Crew 2031 of Canyon, Tex., begins a new day of paddling in the Boundary Waters Wilderness of western Ontario. Known as the "Canoe Capital of Canada," the Atikokan region is one of three canoeing programs offered by the BSA's Northern Tier National High Adventure Bases. Freelance writer Doug Smith chronicles the Venturers' trip beginning.

In the October 2004 Issue

Paddle and Portage—An Atikokan Journey
On the remote waterways of a vast Canadian wilderness, a Texas Venturing crew finds adventure, beauty, and stories of grit and determination.
A New Generation
Trailblazer Adventure Day provides many boys with their first chance to cast a fishing line or shoot an air rifle.
A New Vision of Youth Leadership
Revised council-level training will help prepare Scouts more than ever to provide important leadership to their troops.
Roundtable Fiesta!
New Jersey Scouters create a fun-filled evening to help leaders prepare exciting pack meetings for their Cub Scouts.
Get a Grip!
Scouts and leaders from Louisville's Troop 1 travel to eastern Kentucky's famous rock-climbing region for a new experience called a via ferrata.
The Gift
A Scoutmaster's simple instruction in firebuilding also proved to be a lifetime lesson about overcoming failure.

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