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In Lincoln, Neb., Scouts (clockwise from bottom) Kok Abkalla, Jim Dewey, D. J. Peterson, Ali Al-Nori, and Thuy Le Kuwa are members of Troop 911. Organized in 1997 to serve the growing Vietnamese and Cambodian communities in the Cornhusker State's capital city, Troop 911 today has a membership that represents more than 13 nationalities. Contributing editor Suzanne Wilson's report on this group of young men and the veteran Scouter who started the troop in the article, "We're a Little United Nations". Cover photograph by Chuck Kneyse.

In the October 2003 Issue

What I Learned at Pow Wow
Expecting boring classroom sessions, a Cub Scouter discovers how to put pizzazz and fun into den activities.
Coming Home to Peterloon
Since 1927, Cincinnati's Dan Beard Council has staged a biennial mega-camporee and patrol competition.
'We're a Little United Nations'
In Lincoln, Neb., Troop 911 welcomes boys from many nations to Scouting.
A Golden Anniversary: Pinewood Derby
Fifty years after the inaugural event was held in their state, California Cub Scouts celebrate derby history with—what else?—a rousing, fun-filled day of racing.
Curb Service
This Southwest Florida Scouting family helps beautify the environment by participating in Adopt-A-Road, the local county's litter-control program.
A Love of Reading
Every time someone reads aloud to a child, it's an advertisement for the joys of reading, the pleasures of the printed word.
Labors of Love
Older Scouters provide volunteer maintenance and building work at council Scout camps.

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