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Boys' Life magazine helps make your Scouting program and your Scouts excel. Research shows that boys who subscribe to the magazine advance further, spend more time outdoors, and stay in Scouting longer than those who don't.

Below are articles and features scheduled for publication in the October 2003 issue of Boys' Life that can help youth members with advancement.

Abbreviations are "ACH" for achievement, "ELECT" for elective, and "MB" for merit badge. Titles in COLOR indicate special program features.


"About Books: Monsters Through the Ages"
Wolf: Books, Books, Books ELECT
"A True Story of Scouts in Action"
Wolf: Family Alert ELECT
Bear: Be Ready ACH
"Tackle Box Treasures"**
Wolf: Start a Collection ACH
November theme: Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock
Search-for-asteroids puzzle
"Bible Heroes"
Wolf: Duty to God ACH
Bear: Ways We Worship ACH
"History: Freaky Farm"
Bear: The Past Is Exciting and Important ACH
"Amazing Animals"
Wolf: Birds ELECT
Bear: Sharing Your World With Wildlife ACH


"Amazing Animals"
Naturalist activity badge
"Webelos Woody"*
November activity badge: Scientist
"You Can Do It: Ready, Set, Grow"*
Naturalist activity badge
"A True Story of Scouts in Action"
Readyman activity badge
"Football From the Inside Out"
Communicator activity badge
"History: Freaky Farm"
Artist activity badge
"Hobby Hows"
Craftsman activity badge


"Small Business Men"
November program feature: Business;
Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, Eagle ranks;
Entrepreneurship, American Labor, American Business MBs
"Red-Tailed Angels"***
Aviation MB
"Hobby Hows"
Woodwork, Model Design and Building MBs
"A True Story of Scouts in Action"
Emergency Preparedness, Safety, First Aid MBs
"Tackle Box Treasures"**
Collections MB
"About Books: Monsters Through the Ages"
Reading MB

Special Program Highlights

A search-for-asteroids puzzle with special appeal to this group of 7-year-olds.
Dink and Duff explore November's Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock pack theme.
Webelos Woody tackles November's Scientist activity badge.
"Small Business Men" has ideas for troops using the Business program feature.
*Low and Middle editions only
**Middle and Upper editions only
***Upper edition only

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