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Unit Anniversaries

Anniversaries of 50 years or more (in multiples of five years) will be posted within 30 days following the publication of each issue of Scouting magazine, if received by the first day of the month of the issue's publication (i.e., March. 1 for the September issue). Use our online form to send your announcements or mail them (including name and address or phone number of a person to contact) to Unit Anniversaries, Scouting Magazine, S204, P.O. Box 152079, Irving, TX 75015-2079.

Troop 44 - Van Alstyne, TX.
90th anniversary in March, 2003. We will celebrate at the Scout hut on 5th Street the weekend of March 1. Old photos and articles will be displayed, with our letter of congratulations from President Bush. We will be unveiling our State of Texas historical marker recognizing us as one of the oldest troops in the U.S.A. and Texas, the first in Grayson County, and the first integrated troop in our council. We will have food and fun. All ex-Scouts and Scout leaders of Troop 44 are welcome, as well as anyone else who would like to help us celebrate our 90th year.

Ship 24 - Houston, TX.
80th anniversary in January, 2003 Ship 24 also known as the "Jolly Roger"...the oldest Sea Scout Ship in America celebrates the 80th anniversary of it's founding with a reunion and special landship ceremony. A special unit patch is being made for the occasion.

Troop 72 - Westfield, NJ
80th anniversary in March, 2003. Boy Scout Troop 72 is looking for all former members to celebrate the 80th anniversary year of Troop 72's charter. We'd like to hear from former Scouts or leaders who were part of the Presbyterian Church of Westfield Boy Scout Troop 72. Contact Diana Kazazis, (908) 654-8783

Troop 90 - Utica, MI
60th anniversary in February, 2003. Troop 90, chartered to the Knights of Columbus, St. Lawrence Council #2905, Utica, MI,

Troop 147 - Christiansburg, VA.
50th anniversary in June, 2004 Boy Scout Troop 147 is looking for all former members to celebrate the 50th anniversary year of Troop 147's charter. We'd like to hear from former Scouts or leaders who were part of Boy Scout Troop 147 chartered by the Belmont II Ruritans.

Troop 184 - River Edge, NJ.
50th anniversary in June, 2003 St. Peter the Apostle Parish, chartered organization of Boy Scout Troop 184, is planning a 50th anniversary dinner June 7, 2003, with all current and former Scouts, leaders, and their families. Local officials will be invited to attend. We want to hear from you! Please plan to attend this festive occasion June 7, 2003. Call us at (201) 261-7784 and tell us your address information so we can keep you informed as we get closer to the big event. Please pass this information on to others that you know from present and past Troop 184. If you have a great story or memorabilia related to Troop 184, please let us know so that we can incorporate it into our program.

Troop 12 - Maywood, NJ.
50th anniversary in March, 2003 Maywood Boy Scout Troop 12 will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2003. The troop is looking for past members and leaders to attend the anniversary party, tentatively scheduled for March 2003. If you are a past member, or if you know of someone, please contact us so we can add the name and address to our guest list. Also, Troop 12 is looking for old photos and other memorabilia such as uniforms, awards, banners, etc., from the past 50 years that we can exhibit at the anniversary party. All photos and items will be returned. Please contact Rob Coonce, (212) 576-5523,

Troop 37 - Paterson, NJ
50th Anniversary, February 8, 2003. Troop 37 will be celebrate its anniversary beginning with a 5 P.M. mass at its chartered organization, St George's Catholic Church, 408 Getty Ave, Paterson, NJ. A banquet in the church basement will follow the service. All former Scouts, Scout leaders, and friends are invited to attend this celebration. A Troop 37 50th Anniversary, commemorative patch will be given. For more information contact the rectory at (973) 742-0350.

Troop 41 - Demopolis, AL
50th Anniversary in February, 2003. Chartered to the Methodist Men's Club of the First United Methodist Church, Demopolis, AL, Troop 41 will celebrate 50 years of continuous charter in February 2003. A special 50th birthday Court of Honor is planned. Please contact Scoutmaster Jim Ellis or any committee member for details. All Troop 41 members, leaders, and alumni are invited!

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