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Scouts from Troop 267, chartered to the Truckee Optimist Club, Truckee, Calif., mush their patrol sled to the next competitive event at the Nevada Area Council's 2001 Donner Camp. Read Mac Gardner's story, to find out how this annual challenge camp tests Scouts' skills, even when the winter temperatures don't. Photograph by John R. Fulton Jr.

In the January-February 2002 Issue

Scouting Responds to a National Crisis Illustrations

Following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Scout units from coast to coast and around the world went into action to help those in need.

Ready, Weather or Not Illustrations

Nevada Area Council Scouts watch temperatures soar nearly 40 degrees during a weekend of challenging winter events.

Cookies, Cakes, and Pies—Oh, My! Illustrations

For 25 years, West Virginia Cub Scouts and their dads have teamed up for a baking contest that is judged at a world-famous resort hotel.

To the Rescue
A Family Together Feature

Whether in the field or at home, the Paulding family makes every search and rescue mission it undertakes a team effort.

Snow Box Derby

Cardboard boxes and rolls of duct tape become wild and wacky racers for an annual Tiger Cub "slushfest."

An Odyssey Begins

A weekend council event planned and run by Venturers showcases the fun and skills available in the BSA's newest program for teenage boys and girls.

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