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Chris Wright and Andy Fredrickson welcome Michael Trejo (right) into the troop by conducting a new Scout investiture ceremony that emphasizes the three parts of the Scout Oath and 12 points of the Scout Law. Contributing editor Bill Sloan writes about the importance of ceremonies in the article "Rites of Passage". Photograph by Dan Bryant.

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The Jere Ratcliffe YearsSPECIAL SECTION Photographs Illustrations
The vision and strong leadership of Chief Scout Executive Jere Ratcliffe, who retired at the end of May, has helped to strengthen every aspect of the Boy Scouts of America.
Jamboree Memories Photographs
For those attending the 2001 National Scout Jamboree, experiences involving food, fun, and program activities will be moments they will never forget.
Venturing for God
A dedicated crew of Venturers from Staten Island, N.Y., has a mission to enhance the faith of Roman Catholic Scouts.
Rites of Passage Illustrations
Ceremonies, always a key part of Scouting, are important rituals that recognize a young person's steps toward adulthood.
East Meets West
Two Scout troops—each a Troop 3 with an 85-year history—link up on the Internet's World Wide Web and then spend a memorable weekend together in San Francisco.
Go, Tiger Cubs!
A family day at camp helps launch a fun-filled program year.
Where Learning Is Spelled A-C-T-I-O-N
A council's Show-N-Do is a fun way to learn outdoor skills and program activities.
Achievements and Challenges Photographs
At the BSA national annual meeting in Nashville, Scouters focus on the critical issues of the National Strategic Plan.

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