Jamboree 2005

The BSA’s 10-day outdoor extravaganza highlights the best of what Scouting offers boys—fun, fellowship, physical fitness, and patriotism—plus for some, a brush with fame.


A Family Together Feature: One Family's Jamboree Legacy

When a Hawaiian Scout at the 1969 national jamboree asked if he could twirl another boy’s fireknife, a major element in the first youth’s life—and the lives of his future family—was set forever.

Intercultural activities

The 20th World Jamboree 'Share Our World, Share Our Cultures'

The 20th World Scout Jamboree took place in Thailand from Dec. 28, 2002, to Jan. 7, 2003. More than 24,000 Scouts and leaders, from nearly every Scouting association in the world, assembled for a festival of friendship and fun.


A Best Friend in the White House

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidential endorsement of the first national Scout jamboree continued his personal history of dedicated support for Scouting.


Amazing! Fun! Fantastic! Cool!

Participants chose different superlatives to describe the 2001 National Scout Jamboree, but everyone agreed that the historic gathering was one unforgettable Scouting experience.


Jamboree Memories

For Scouts participating in the 2001 National Scout Jamboree next summer, the simple things that happen in basic areas like travel, food, and program activities can become the moments they’ll never forget.