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Ten reasons why you should try hammock camping

What is hammock camping all about, and should your troop really take it seriously? Author and hammock-camping enthusiast Derek Hansen shares his top 10 reason why you should try hammock camping.

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Six stoves to heat up your campout menus

For today’s primitive adventures, namely camping or backpacking deep in the woods, a reliable camp stove can still be a dream—turn on the gas, touch a match to the burner, and a blue flame pops to life, a torrent of channeled energy ready to do your culinary deed.


Travel to East Texas' Big Thicket National Preserve

Deep in the eastern part of the Lone Star State, about 250 miles east of Austin, lies a vast, tangled quilt of pine and cypress forest, hardwood forest, meadow, bog, blackwater swamp, and arid sandhills appropriately called the Big Thicket.

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Backpacking & Hiking

Leave No Trace: Share the Responsibility

The Boy Scouts of America plays a significant and fundamental role in introducing millions of youth to the out-of-doors, a critical task among a generation increasingly disconnecting from the natural world.

Winter Sport Safety Guidelines
Camping Advice and Tips

Play safe in the snow

Use these guidelines to help you and your Scouts stay safe while participating in snow sports this winter.

Camping Advice and Tips

Secrets for improvising in the out-of-doors

Why do I love camping? In spite of the obvious reasons, there’s always something new to learn. No one has a monopoly on good ideas, even those who’ve spent a lifetime outdoors. Here are some tricks I’ve stolen from friends and acquaintances.