Leader Advice and Inspiration

Preparing Boys for Leadership

A three-level training continuum provides progressively sophisticated tools for developing youth leaders in your troop.


Let Your Scouts Lead

Want to achieve a youth-led unit? Find the balancing point between helping them succeed and letting them flounder. Here’s how.

Leader Advice and Inspiration

This is Not a Test

A board of review should gauge the quality of a Scout’s troop experience and encourage future advancement, not ask him to pass rank requirements — again.


Peer-to-Peer: The OA Scoutreach Mentoring Program

Some young boys grasp basic Scouting skills within a short time of joining a troop. Others need more time and someone to look up to. The Order of the Arrow’s Scoutreach Mentoring program tries to fill that gap.

Leader Advice and Inspiration

Creating functional Boy Scout patrols

Scouter A.S.’s troop has two patrols: the “chaos” patrol of new Scouts and the “I’m too cool” patrol of veterans. He asked for ideas on creating a better unit structure, where older Scouts teach younger ones.

Cub Scout Leadership

How to make better use of Den Chiefs

Because den chiefs play such an important role in supporting den leaders and encouraging Cub Scouts to cross over into Boy Scouting, Scouter J.W. wants suggestions on how pack and troop leaders can recruit and retain quality Boy Scouts for this position.


A New Vision of Youth Leadership

Revised council-level training will help prepare Scouts more than ever to provide important leadership to their troops.