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A Look at Cub World Adventure Camp

Cub Scouts fuel up for a day of fun by filing past Francis, a Big Boy statue outside the dining pavilion that’s dressed as a Cub Scout and holding a hamburger. And they’ll need that food to keep going, because there’s a lot of fun to be had at Cub World Adventure Camp.

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Special Kids, Special Camp: One Kentucky council makes sure every kid gets to enjoy Scouting activities

Adventure Camp began in the early 1990s as a partnership with Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville to take kids fishing. It has since grown to serve students from 10 school districts, with as many as 2,300 kids participating over 10 days in the spring and fall. The camp is open to any self-contained special-needs class, so it serves kids with a range of conditions.

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Ethics: Entering college through the side door

Was it unethical for the instructor to mention the “creative” techniques to improve a college application? If it was, have the group decide what action, if any, Tony should take.