From the Editor: The Future of Scouting Magazine Begins Right Now

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

It was Albert Einstein — who knew a thing or two about solving problems by using technology — who said this. And it is us to whom it applies now.

Due to the extraordinary financial pressures that Boy Scouts of America is facing, we made the difficult decision to cease the printing of Scouting magazine.

The reallocation of the significant resources previously dedicated to printing will help the BSA national service center to better do its No. 1 job. That is, the job of assisting our local councils in presenting the world’s best youth program to the boys and girls of America.

But that doesn’t mean there will be no more Scouting magazine.

I am thrilled to announce that the brand-new Scouting magazine app is live and available for download right now. I urge you, Scouting magazine reader, to give it a shot.

Before, we could only update you on the Scouting news you need in five printed issues a year. Now, you get updates every day.

Before, we could only provide invaluable advice to the invaluable leaders of all the Scout programs when our print schedule allowed it. Now, we can give you that advice when you need it.

Even better: Everything you loved about the old Scouting magazine is available in the new Scouting magazine.

If you’re a Scout leader looking for tips on how to run your unit so it allows for advancement, fun and good times in the great outdoors, it’s in Scouting magazine.

If you’re a parent looking for advice from experts on how to raise your kids — both in and out of Scouting — it’s in Scouting magazine.

In short, if you’re interested in anything and everything related to Scouting and raising a family, you’re going to want to check out the new Scouting magazine.

You’ll notice multiple mentions of our new app scattered throughout the electronic issue that’s available by clicking here. That’s because every story here is available in the app, in a format that’s just as easy to read on your mobile device as it was to read on printed pages in the old days.

And best of all: The magazine continues to be available in its new digital format — free to all adults registered with the BSA.

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination … ”

Einstein said that, too. And we agree.

Give the new Scouting magazine app a try. It’s available now in the App Store and Google Play.

Yours in Scouting,

Michael Goldman


  1. Hi…I only want the Scouting Magazine to come to my email address…not on my cell phone. How can I do that? Please help me.

  2. I would rather a print copy. It’s so sad that I can’t get the leaders magazine anymore. Reading on my phone hurts my eyes. Not all adults like reading everything on their phone. BSA needs to stop cutting out all people that don’t like to do everything on their phones.

  3. Very disappointing that a print version is not being offered or at least an opt to an electronic version. An e-version subscription to an email address would be a good option.

  4. Is ANYONE out there?? I see comments over a 5 month time period but No Response from ANY National Representative regarding a possible option of E-Mail availability, with it of course, being Printable….

  5. I agree. A phone app is no good. I’d pay to get the print version. I bet most people would too. So that asks the question.. what’s the funding issue?
    Apps are a terrible way to do this. It’s a cheap alternative that does not fill the same role. I certainly don’t want things pushed as a notification but I also don’t want to have to constantly check the app for new things. Print is simply a better medium for this sort of thing. Plus, judging by how the ScoutBook works on my phone, I’ll pass.

  6. I haven’t seen Scouting magazine since you stopped the print addition. How do I find the email version? Please send out an email when the new edition is available. I used to read the print version cover to cover and used much of the information. Now I don’t see anything. If leaders can’t see the information why bother publishing at all. There seems to be NO support from National anymore.

  7. Total lack of response from anybody at scouts BSA to this entire thread is a indication of what the organization as a whole thinks about the leadership. They don’t really care, they just want their money. No response, which kind of is what I see from the council and the districts as well… You can get a thank you when things are going good but whenever there’s a problem it’s radio silence

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