A closer look at Owasippe Scout Reservation

Owasippe offers two camps for Scouts BSA members: Camp Blackhawk has a traditional dining hall, while Camp Wolverine offers hot meals delivered to your campsite — along with the option of dining in a central pavilion. If family camping is your thing, Camp Reneker offers a relaxing week of family-centered programs and activities for all ages.

Owasippe has an ATV trail system, 23 miles of mountain-biking trails and a horse ranch with horseback riding. Scouts can use the camp’s shuttle-bus system to access a variety of activities in and out of their own camp, including lake tubing, crate stacking, zip lining, fishing, river canoeing, paddleboarding, waterskiing, swimming and climbing.

And don’t forget to try out the 25 miles of hiking trails that take Scouts all around Owasippe’s 4,800 acres of lakes, bogs and forests.

Scouting Magazine’s Cool Camps Series

Not all Scout camps are created equal. Sure, each offers a terrific program to entertain and challenge Scouts, but every Scout camp has unique program elements that make it special. Scouting magazine has scoured the country to find some of the coolest Scout camps around. Check out the full list, and be sure to leave a comment if you’ve visited one of these Cool Camps.


  1. I camped there in the mid 70’s. This is where I had the some of the best times in Scouting as a kid. While there has been a reduction in the overall size of the camp property since my time there, it is nice to see that it is still there making a difference in scouting. These are memories I share with scouts now that I am a scoutmaster. Keep up the good work and pass it on.

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