Two awards honor those who help Scouting grow

Now that all BSA programs welcome all members of the family, new Scouting units are popping up across the country.

Two special awards recognize those who start or join new Scouts BSA troops, Cub Scout packs, Venturing crews or Sea Scout ships. Here’s what you need to know about the Founder’s Bar and the William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Award.

What is the Founder’s Bar?

The Founder’s Bar (No. 610129) is a special patch worn by charter members of a new unit. A certificate (No. 610469) and a pocket certificate (No. 610470) also are available.

Who can wear the Founder’s Bar?

Any youth member or adult leader whose name is on the unit’s first charter or who joins before the unit recharters for the first time can wear the Founder’s Bar.

Where is the Founder’s Bar worn?

The patch is worn just below the unit numerals on the field uniform. It may be sewn on as soon as the unit has completed its charter.

How long may it be worn?

A person may wear it as long as he or she is registered with that unit.

Can charter members of older units wear the Founder’s Bar?

Yes, as long as they meet the requirements mentioned above.

What is the William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Award?

This award recognizes a volunteer who leads the formation of a new pack, troop, crew or ship. It is named for William D. Boyce, a key founder of the BSA in 1910.

What are the requirements?

In essence, the recipient must lead the entire process of organizing a new unit. The process begins when a prospective chartered organization is assigned and ends when the new unit renews its charter for the first time and receives Journey to Excellence recognition at the Bronze level or above.

Who approves the award?

The district chair must sign off before the organizer begins work.
The Scout executive (or his or her designee), the district chair, the district membership chair and the district commissioner sign off when he or she has finished.

Can two people receive the award for a single unit?

Yes. An October 2019 update allows multiple volunteers who played a significant role in starting a unit to receive the award. Your council should be involved in determining the appropriate number of volunteers who should receive the award.

What does the award look like?

Like many adult awards, it is a square knot (No. 14269) that’s worn above the left pocket of the field uniform. The background is yellow, green and red, representing Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA and Venturing. A certificate
(No. 522502) is also available.

If someone organizes two units, can he or she earn the award twice?

Yes. However, only one square knot is worn, as is the case with other knot awards that can be earned more than once. For each subsequent award (up to three), the organizer would receive a device pin representing the appropriate program: Cub Scouting (No. 604950), Scouts BSA (No. 927), Venturing (No. 940) or Sea Scouts (No. 931).


  1. Can the William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Award be earned by an organization of an older unit earn the award?

  2. It sounds great on paper, but you just ignored those Leaders who have come to established Troops and with their effort has brought it to a higher level. Example is when I joined as SM the Troop had only two Eagle Scouts in the 20 years period before I joined. We after 40 years have close to 200 hundred Eagles, the top Troop in the district and a 90 percent retention rate.

  3. Mike King

    I started a Troop 45 years ago. Served as SM for 27 years and produced 57 Eagle. I am still involved as an ASM and have passed the 100 mark a while back. Rules are rules. I feel for you, but we also have leaders that have been involved for 40 or more. They do not qualify and shouldn’t. They did not go through all the work and meetings that took 6 months to accomplish. I feel for you and thank you for your dedication to the best organization for our youth.



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