From the Chief: Welcoming the World to West Virginia

This is a landmark year for the Boy Scouts of America. From July 22 to Aug. 2, the BSA will co-host the 24th World Scout Jamboree alongside Scouts Canada and Asociación de Scouts de México. Scouts from around the world will journey to the Summit Bechtel Reserve in the wilds of West Virginia. They’ll experience outdoor adventure, undergo leadership training and develop international friendships as they explore what it means to be a global citizen. I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunities this event offers.

First, I’m so pleased the BSA will have the opportunity to share SBR with the world. SBR is more than just incredible facilities and amazing outdoor programs; it’s where future leaders are shaped. Hosting events like the World Scout Jamboree was the ultimate purpose of developing SBR, and it’s thrilling to see that vision come to fruition. It’s a special place: a Scout camp, a leadership training center and a high-adventure base rolled into one. Scouts will have a truly unique experience there. If you aren’t attending or volunteering at the World Scout Jamboree, I hope you’ll be sure to visit for a future National Jamboree or another program hosted at SBR. It’s worth the trip.

Second, I’m thrilled about the incredible diversity Scouts will encounter during these 12 days. It would take years of travel to meet people from this many countries and to explore so many cultures. Instead, the World Scout Jamboree will give young people the chance to be surrounded by other languages and cultures, learn about different faith traditions and explore global perspectives without even straying far from their campsite. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience — the kind that can shape futures. I hope it’s an experience that promotes peace and mutual understanding among the next generation of leaders as they meet their global counterparts and experience how many values we all share.

Hosting this event is an honor. This will be only the second time the World Scout Jamboree has been held in the United States, and I know the BSA will demonstrate hospitality and show the world our best. Of all the fun, life-changing experiences our programs offer, the World Scout Jamboree is one of the most unique opportunities Scouts will come across. This truly will be something special.

Yours in Scouting,

Michael Surbaugh 

Chief Scout Executive

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