Challenge yourself with this Merit Badge Crossword


1. MB that deals with building design

8. Measure of fuel economy on the road, abbr.

10. MB where you’ll say “check,” mate

11. Travel to uncharted places

12. Take a wrong turn, say

13. Internet laughter symbol

14. Company abbreviation

15. Their changes at high altitudes can affect a backpacker

17. Initials that preceded Titanic

19. Attempt

20. Include

21. Take a seat by the fire

22. MB dealing with hazards and accident prevention

24. What food might do
if not kept cold

28. Customary practice

29. Motors

32. Aesthetic MB

33. Picture you might see while completing your Nuclear Science MB

35. Group you might go listen to as part of your Music MB

39. Yellowfin, e.g.

40. A satellite is one

42. Number

44. End-of-the-year month, for short

45. Tailed toys

46. Number on the field in football


1. Use it to get your arrow to its target

2. MB where you’ll learn about elements

3. MB including butterflies and ants (two words)

4. MB dealing with solar power, nuclear power and fossil fuels

5. Piece of advice a counselor might give

6. You can learn about these in the Plant Science or Genealogy MBs

7. Raise

8. Tune

9. MB with greens and fairways

16. ____ Exploration MB

18. State that’s home to Cole Canoe Base (abbr.)

20. In that location

23. Top rank in Scouting

25. It’s available to use

26. U.S. Virgin Is., e.g.

30. Type of trail

31. Horsemanship MB locations

34. Mechanical being — Scouts design one as part of a MB

36. Nurse, abbr.

37. Watercraft Scouts get very familiar with in one of the MBs

38. Prepare the camp food, for example (there’s a MB where you learn it)

39. Driving locale

41. Football scores, abbr.

43. French Mrs.


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