Safety Quiz: Back to Basics

To learn the safe, proper way to use a pocketknife, climb a mountain or navigate whitewater, Scouts can crack a handbook or flip open a merit badge pamphlet.

But where should adult leaders turn for guidance on topics like health forms, age-appropriate activities and BSA insurance? They should start at, where the BSA has posted answers to questions leaders ask most.

This resource is where we found the questions for our latest Scouting Safety Quiz. It should prove suitably challenging for rookie and veteran Scouters alike. Good luck!

Anyone who takes this quiz below will be entered to win a $100 gift card. (Contest ended October 31, 2018, but you can still take the quiz). Best used with the most updated version of your web browser.  

Find answers to other frequently asked health and safety questions at


  1. Question # 3 is misleading. It says can medical forms be scanned or duplicated. They can be duplicated (i.e. copied on paper) they can not be stored electronically.

  2. the “provisions” for the parade float is seatbelts and a roll bar, which don’t exist on floats, so in effect although there is a workaround, it’s not practicle, so the real answer is no — in any comercial pumpkin farm that offers hay rides, or any standard parade float, no – you can’t use them under the current rules.

  3. On that last question, the term “council-appraised” is a bit confusing. I’d suggest “Council Designated” as the chart in the G2SS shows, or even “Council approved”…

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