Challenge yourself with an Uniform Parts Crossword


    1.  Main part of the World Crest, 3 words

    6.  It might be part of dress clothing

    9.  Main color of the Wolf badge

  10.  Color of the Sea Scout New Century Uniform

  11.  See 15 down

  13.  Lay asphalt

  14.  Rank a Scout progresses through to reach Eagle

  16.  A Merit Badge sash is worn over the ____ shoulder

  18.  Biochemistry abbreviation

  20.  First prime number

  22.  Another word for waist

  23.  There’s a butterfly on this merit badge

  25.  Stumbling expression

  26.  Flag football score, for short

  27.  A Scouting camp season

  28.  Textile used in shirts

  30.  The “I” thing

  32.  Helmsman’s heading, for short

  34.  Excellent

  36.  Labels

  38.  In the Order of the Arrow, it’s white

  42.  Dorothy’s auntie in “The Wizard of Oz”

  43.  What shoulder loops can indicate, 3 words

  48.  Nickname for wartime president

  50.  Welcomed

  51.  What the square knot symbolizes in the World Scout Crest


    1.  Color of the Boy Scouts’ shoulder loops, 2 words

    2.  Purpose

    3.  An Eagle Scout might wear one on a finger

    4.  Global ecosystem — a subject covered in many merit badges

    5.  Popular

    6.  A Cub Scout first-grader

    7.  Additional

    8.  A Scout would learn to fix one in the Automotive Maintenance merit badge

  12.  Roman 4

  13.  Acidity factor

  15.  Only Cub Scout badge worn on a Boy Scout uniform, goes with 11 across

  17.  Understand

  19.  Direction on a compass

  20.  Narrow

  21.  Yellow citrus fruits

  24.  “Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it” is one

  29.  Boston Party subject

  31.  Provide

  33.  Electrical resistance measurement

  35.  ___ clip (bike attachment)

  37.  Computer wizards, informally (they might enjoy the Digital Technology merit badge)

  39.  View, as stars through a telescope

  40.  A quip in the back of Boys’ Life

  41.  Word with more or after

  43.  Trouser part

  44.  Shirt neck shape

  45.  Started a camp fire

  46.  Cooked food for the troop, for example

  47.  Midwest city, for short

  49.  Exercise class abbr.


Or download a printable copy: Uniform Parts Crossword






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