Safety Quiz: Remember your ABCs

This really happened

A Scout was eating dinner at the dining hall when his throat began to close up. The Scout is allergic to nuts, and he wasn’t aware the bread he just ate contained them. An adult gave the Scout an epinephrine injection at the health lodge. Two leaders transported the Scout to a nearby hospital, where he made a full recovery.

What went right

The Scout’s parents had listed the allergy on Part B of his Annual Health and Medical Record. They made sure the Scout brought an epinephrine auto-injector with him to camp. A trained leader recognized the signs of an allergic reaction and took action in time.

What went wrong

The Scout and his troopmates didn’t know what was in the food he was eating.

Quick overview

The AHMR promotes health awareness by collecting necessary info like medical history, allergies and emergency contacts. It gives medical professionals critical information needed in an emergency.

The AHMR is divided into three main parts: A, B and C. You can always find the latest version and see answers to frequently asked questions at

But first, we have a few questions of our own.

Anyone who takes this quiz below — the 10 questions here plus two challenging bonus questions — will be entered to win a $100 gift card. (Contest has ended as of March 1, 2018 — but you can still test your knowledge by taking the quiz. Take other quizzes here.) 

Good luck!


  1. It would be good to throw some of these out on a regular basis to “refresh” for those that want to – YPT, Safety Afoat, Safe Swim etc

  2. In regards to quiz on page 42. Q3 B is 2 hours for perishable foods below 90°. You put D as the correct answer which is no more than an hour but follow up with narrative as no more than two? What is correct above 90°?

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