Challenge yourself with a Leadership Training Crossword


1. Quality of inspiring others and running a team; it’s promoted in all Scouting activities

6. Top youth leader in the troop, abbr.

9. Exist

10. Leadership skill, to ____ jobs to different members of the troop

11. Scouting’s National Training Center

13. Heading for a helmsman, for short

14. Place for trash

15. Memo

16. Dawn time

17. Elite Scout

19. Arrival time, abbr.

21. Coast Guard rank, abbr.

23. High-adventure skills resource course for Venturing, Boy Scouting and Varsity Scouting leaders, two words

25. Great Smokeys and Rockies, for short

27. Dress-shirt feature

29. Best example, what a Scout strives for

32. Army website ending

34. Specialty

35. ___ roll, two words

36. National training course held in the Philmont wilderness, for short

38. Female deer

39. Scouting training system that covers over 100 subjects, two words

43. Land of the brave and free

45. Spirit

46. Shouts of encouragement

47. Something a Sea Scout would learn how to weigh


1. Studies information
to be able to apply it

2. Positive item or individual

3. Teaching ____  and Trainer’s ____, concepts to help Scouts with training skills

4. Expectation

5. Self-esteem

6. “Uncle” dressed in red, white and blue

7. A troop leader will work with the rest of the troop to find solutions to these

8. Merciful

12. State where Lookout Mountain is, abbr.

13. Intelligent

16. Had breakfast

18. Breathing problem –
it’s checked for in the fitness exam

19. College website ending

20. Highest level of Scout leader training, two words

22. ID number, for short

24. Part of a board

26. Concerning finance

28. Circumference ratio

30. Venturing motto, “____ the Adventure”

31. “And ___ to go before
I sleep”: Frost

32. Trusted advisor

33. Faithful, as in the Scout Law

37. ____ Protection Training, mandatory course

40. Letters to add to expert

41. Group transport vehicle

42. One rising at dawn

44. Melody










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  1. come on guys! 7 pages to print puzzle,
    5 for puzzle, clues and solutions
    2 for stuff on bottom of page

    page 1 prints headings then cuts puzzle in thirds

    I see no way to print puzzle only.

    I’ll try reducing font size to get puzzle on 1 page

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