Splash down at Idaho’s Salmon River High Adventure Base

“THE RIVER OF NO RETURN” is the Salmon River’s ominous-sounding nickname. But tell your Scouts’ parents not to worry. Scouts and Venturers not only return from trips out of the Salmon River High Adventure Base, but they also come back with grins, stories and lots of GoPro footage.

As you’d expect, the base’s signature element is its whitewater rafting trip. The run is 38 miles long, going from Vinegar Creek to Old Lucile along the Lower Salmon River.

The most popular trip out of Salmon River High Adventure Base is its three-day, two-night whitewater experience. Participants arrive on Monday or Wednesday to begin an action-packed three days of fun.

Those seeking an extra challenge should consider the five-day, four-night trek that combines hiking and rafting. The week begins on Monday with a backpacking trip through the rugged Hells Canyon Wilderness. On Wednesday, Scouts hop in rafts for a wet and wild ride down the river.

During free time at base camp, Scouts and Venturers can rappel, swim and play soccer. Or they can fish for salmon, bass, trout and pike.

Those who want to earn requirements for the Kayaking merit badge will find a safe place to practice in the eddy adjacent to the camp’s beach.

Learn more and plan your troop or crew’s visit at oreidascouting.org

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