Challenge yourself with a merit-badge themed crossword puzzle



1. Merit badge for this cinematic technique

6. It’s part of a Scout’s uniform

8. Environmental watchdogs, for short

10. Technology that you’ll encounter while working on the Programming merit badge

11. Do the crawl, for example

13. Worn while sleeping

15. Period of time in history

17. Merit badge that teaches about plants and animals

18. Sprint or jog

19. Bottom line

21. Dog’s cry you might hear while working on the Pets merit badge

23. Merit badge that teaches Scouts how to play an instrument or sing

25. “That’s amazing!”

26. ____ Study merit badge, the subject of ornithology

27. You may go down these while completing the Snow Sports merit badge, two words

29. Have a salad, say

30. Start

31. It shows debits and credits, something you will encounter while earning the American Business merit badge

36. Tree you might study in the Nature merit badge

37. Merit badge dealing with the different forms of power used and conserved by man

38. A horse says this


1. Merit badge in which you gain expertise in using a bow and arrow

2. Merit badge teaching Native American history, two words

3. Sunshade

4. Popular

5. More modern

6. Merit badge that teaches how to live outside

7. Cats, dogs, birds, fish for example

9. Circumference divided by diameter

12. Collecting these is a hobby, and it is also the subject of a merit badge

14. French for game

16. Regret

19. ________ Heritage, a merit badge that teaches the history of the Scouting movement

20. You’ll understand systems for sending one of these in the Signs, Signals and Codes merit badge

22. Pea holder

24. Animal ____, a merit badge that teaches about livestock

26. “Reveille” is one of these type of calls; there’s a merit badge about this

28. A mammal that’s a pest

32. Part of a machine

33. Low island

34. Approve

35. __ , the people


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