Test yourself with a merit badge crossword puzzle



1. This merit badge requires some digging

7. Merit badge for budding actors and actresses

9. With the Bird Study merit badge, you’ll come across this iconic bird

12. Title for a knight

13. Climb

15. With the Astronomy merit badge, you’ll realize the size of this — the universe!

16. Study domesticated creatures with the ______ Science merit badge

19. Streets, for short

20. There is a merit badge that studies these kinds of materials

22. “Yes” in Spanish

24. If you are involved in the Gardening merit badge, you will see many flowers come out __ ___ (two words)

26. Walk many trails with this merit badge

30. Lake Huron is a neighbor of this state, for short

31. While earning the Art merit badge, you might see these paintings by a famous cubist

33. In the Automotive Maintenance merit badge, you will get to know about these cogged wheels

35. Thumbs-down in Congress

36. A large animal; one of 21 down

37. Career (for short) that might follow the merit badge that teaches how things are built

38. Merit badge with notes

39. Equipment for the merit badge that teaches how to travel on ice


1. Learn drawing and painting with this merit badge

2. This merit badge teaches a centuries-old game

3. Merit badge for the study of the stars and planets

4. You’ll need them for the Rowing merit badge

5. There is a merit badge that focuses on this large body of water

6. Beach-combing finds

8. It is paramount to do this while earning the Rifle Shooting merit badge

10. “Open, sesame!” sayer

11. The Mining in Society merit badge covers information about these precious stones

14. The Golden State

15. Merit badge that requires you to pedal a lot

17. Had a salad

18. Learn about rods and lines with this merit badge

21. There’s a merit badge to study these types of animals

22. Relative

23. ______ Study, a merit badge relating to bees, flies and wasps, etc.

25. Atmosphere

27. Ending for form- or Mon-

28. This watercraft is the subject of a merit badge

29. Goal, as said by a
Spanish-speaking commentator

32. Equipment for the Snow Sports merit badge

34. ___ of State

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