Camp Emerald Bay

Camp Emerald Bay

Camp Emerald Bay, Western Los Angeles County Council

The fun begins below sea level at Camp Emerald Bay, located on stunning Catalina Island off the coast of California. Divers from around the world come to Catalina because its clear water makes it easy to see undersea kelp forests, rock reefs and wildlife.

That prime diving draws Scouts from across the country, too. Learning scuba in a pool is fine, but honing your diving skills here means exploring a rich underwater ecosystem teeming with octopi, sea lions, bat rays and leopard sharks.

Just want to get your flippers wet? Discover Scuba Diving, though not a certification course, introduces new divers to Emerald Bay’s underwater beauty under the close supervision of an instructor.

There’s plenty of fun above the surface, too, such as:

The Emerald Bay War Canoe. Troops enjoy a team-building experience paddling to an overnight camping spot on Parsons Landing an hour away.

The waterfront, where Scouts can earn Canoeing, Lifesaving, Motorboating, Rowing, Small-Boat Sailing and Swimming merit badges.

A Rugged Adventurers program for boys 14 and older. It comes in four flavors: Rugged Explorers, Rugged Canoers, Rugged Scuba Divers and Rugged Oceanographers.

Island exploring by mountain bike. Leaders and Scouts can borrow bikes throughout the week.

The Emerald Bay Pirate Program, which encourages Scouts to return to camp as they work their way from Brigand to Buccaneer to Pirate to Anchorman.

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­– Bryan Wendell; Photo by W. Garth Dowling

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  1. My troop just got back from Emerald Bay and it was worth every penny. They have all the traditional summer camp areas like shooting sports, nature, handicraft, etc. However, their waterfront was what really stood out. We did a troop paddle board, snorkel, kayak, and canoe. Most of my scouts took part in a waterfront MB including swimming, smallboat sailing, motorboating, rowing, kayaking, and canoeing. There was just something about doing all of these activities in the ocean instead of a small lake. I thought the food was really good for a summer camp and if you didn’t like the main course, they had plenty of other options like a salad bar or yogart station. But the best part of Emerald Bay was their staff. They all had a genuine concern about the scouts acutally learning. They were very accomadating for scouts that got behind and extremely helpful.

    Emerald Bay will definitely be on our list for the future.

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