Bert Adams Scout Reservation

Bert Adams Scout Reservation

Bert Adams Scout Reservation, Atlanta Area Council

Most Scout camps offer terrific campfire programs for boys and leaders. But few match the incredible venue that awaits campers at the Ellis Amphitheater.

– The 2,000-seat amphitheater features a lakeside setting to give campers a picture-perfect panorama.

– The arena boasts professional sound and lighting equipment, totem poles, a huge fire ring, and restroom facilities.

– Scouts and leaders gather for the shows each Sunday and walk across a lighted bridge lined with staffers who greet every visitor with a high five and a smile.

– The hourlong show features staff and group songs, as well as about a dozen skits. 

– “Scouting spirit” plays a major role in lighting the campfire—that’s all staffers would tell us about their secret technique. 


  1. As a previous staff member and camper at this camp, I can tell you that this is the best camp in the whole entire country. BASR is the place to be for everyone

  2. We are so fortunate to live near Bert Adams so my son has many opportunities to camp here. I love this camp!

  3. I use to camp and work at Bert Adams and it is still, hands down, the best experience I’ve ever had. Bert Adams has the best staff and management you will ever come across.

  4. I have to wonder why this camp made the list and Camp Rainy Mountain, NorthEast Georgia Council”s camp did not. It has all of the things boasted on this site plus its ampitheater has two fire rings. The camp is situated in the Appalachian Mountains and campers create an echo at campfire that is heard throughout the area.

  5. You might as well ask why Woodruff didn’t make the list. They have pretty much the same amphitheater, a gorgeous lake full of Beaver Sharks (the only known ones in the world), and a cell tower smack dab in the middle of camp. The takeaway is that there are hundreds of great camps out there.

  6. I have been at both Camp Bert Adams and Camp Rainey Mountain, There are good things about both but I will try and Give the negatives. At Camp Bert Adams, most camp sites unless you are in the Adventure camp sites are pretty far away from central head quarters. They do allow for the use of bikes to get around. Large groups of campers, IE 500 plus will sometimes overload the staff. Now Camp Rainey Mountain, As your camp get further away from head quarters, the more montainess it gets, Back side of the camp is the most hilly that you can get. Walking gets to be tiring. On the plus side though they pack your troop equipment to your camp site, Also I was there in May 2016. It was cool at night and slightly warm during the day!!! Enough of this!!!

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