Test yourself with a holiday-themed crossword



1. Parties, galas and parades, for example

6. State where Paul Revere’s house is located, abbr.

8. Month when Presidents Day is celebrated, abbr.

9. Another name for Easter bunnies

11. One of the colors in the U.S. flag

12. Day before the first of the new year

13. Time when we enjoy buds flowering

15. Gift

19. Use an oar

20. Breakfast, lunch and dinner

23. Kind of roll

24. Roman numeral six

25. “Just __ _ thought!”

28. Scary holiday

30. Everything

31. Month St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated

35. Halloween wear

38. Brides walk up it

40. African-American festival

41. To toast (two words)

42. Segment of a flower

43. Cinco de ____

44. The Mayflower was one


1. Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ

2. September “day”

3. Church recess

4. Holiday celebrated with parades and fireworks (two words)

5. It’s a time for many resolutions (two words)

6. Was introduced to

7. President who ended slavery

8. Substance found in plants we eat

10. There was no room for Jesus here

14. “___ say!”

16. Month of Thanksgiving, abbr.

17. Parade baton spin

18. Cincinnati’s home

21. Large tree

22. “My gal” of song

26. Cunning or deceitful

27. Jewish holiday

29. Education basics

31. Jan. 19 is a holiday in his honor (initials)

32. Bake a turkey

33. Nut-producing tree

34. A sacred song

36. A kind of rotisserie

37. Excessive pride

39. Midwestern state, abbr.


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