Test yourself with a Cub Scouting crossword puzzle




1. One of the Bobcat requirements is to be able to say this, with help (2 words)

6. As part of Tiger Adventure: Team Tiger, a Tiger will pick and do two _____s each week for a month

9. Rowing equipment

11. A Bobcat needs to be able to say the Scout ___, with help if needed

12. Nation whose constitution protects religious freedom

13. Camp breakfast staple

14. Part of a shirt

15. It might need antiseptic and a bandage

16. There’s an outdoor ____ that a leader reads to Cub Scouts

17. Conclusion

19. The Cub Scout ____ is two fingers raised high

20. As part of the Family Stories elective, a Cub Scout will make a family _____

21. Transcendental number

25. Type of snack a Cub Scout will bring to a den meeting as part of Tiger Adventure: Games Tigers Play

27. Camp Scout®, for example

30. Vegetable that can make you cry

32. A Cub Scout has to build and hang one as part of the Tiger Adventure: Games Tigers Play

35. Alternate word

37. Subject of a pamphlet all Cub Scouts must complete with their parent or adult partner (2 words)

39. Animal a Cub Scout might name as part of Wolf requirements

41. Without, for short

42. To compose, as an essay

43. Quizzes

44. Famous frontiersman, James _____


1. Cub Scouts do this when reciting the pledge

2. Ahead

3. One of the adventures required of a Tiger (2 words)

4. As part of the Wolf Elective: Hometown Heroes, a Cub Scout should visit a community ______ and find many heroes

5. Raise a flag, for example

6. As part of Wolf requirements, a Cub Scout might demonstrate a ____ walk

7. Distance of the “hike” that is part of the Tiger Adventure: Backyard Jungle (2 words)

8. Bird a Cub Scout might name as part of Wolf requirements

10. Temperature control, for short

18. Cub Scout groups

20. Sound of a dove

22. Popular

23. You don’t want to do this to a toe

24. __ and at ’em

26. A den leader _______ Cub Scouts into a unit

27. All the Wolf Elective Adventures in Spirit of the Water could be described as _______

28. The ______ of Allegiance

29. First badge a Scout has to to earn before he can advance to Tiger or other ranks

31. Silent approval

33. Spread more seeds

34. Casual hello

36. Uncooked

38. Go up and down in the water

39. Eldest in the family (abbr.)

40. Location word

42. __ the people

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  1. The clue for 32 across is supposed to be for Tiger Adventure: Backyard Jungle. It was very confusing suggesting Games Tigers Play!

    • Also for 2 down the clue “forward” may have fit a little better. Thanks for doing this – it helped me research & learn more about the new program!

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