Test your winter-camping knowledge with this crossword puzzle





1. Northern Tier’s winter camping program
4. Winter camping hand warmers
9. “Give it ___!” (2 words)
10. Have a lot of fun
11. Essential item as a backup to a GPS device
13. Take another step forward
15. Decision maker in a game, abbr.
17. Help
19. Get the show ready (3 words)
22. Tackle
23. Period in history
25. Free from harm
27. Weight measurement for packs and bedding, abbr.
28. Regulations: everyone should know them well at winter camp
30. Silvery tree
32. Clean a surface
34. Good color for winter camp clothing for high visibility
35. At winter camp, don’t try to cover more than 5 miles a day traveling on these
38. Make a knot
39. Grain, for short
41. Nighttime warmth providers, essential at winter camp (2 words)
46. This type of shirt is for summer, not winter, camp
47. Blue Ridge Mountains state
48. You, in the Bible
50. Site of the BSA’s National Cold Weather Camping Center (2 words)
52. Lake Tahoe is in this state
53. Yellowstone beast
54. Check its thickness, especially on a lake near a winter camp
55. Downhill runners used on snow
56. They are vital additions to a coat in wintertime


1. Lyrical lines
2. At winter camp, this night wear should be warm
3. A sleek paddle craft
4. Pie maker
5. Never use flames in one of these
6. Have for dinner
7. Warm clothing for winter camping
8. System in which Scouts aid each other by watching their physical condition and safety
12. Coat part
14. Lungful
16. Between mis and sols
18. Essential safety equipment for many winter sports
20. Wheel connectors
21. Chemistry class location
24. Football position, abbr.
26. In winter, Scouts might learn to ___ through the ice
28. A raised strip
29. Over
31. Owns
32. First word of the Constitution
33. Ouch!
34. A supply, in case of emergencies
36. At 1 across, Scouts learn to survive at ____ temperatures
37. The end of the BSA website URL
40. Have a good time
42. Allow
43. Coat for the slopes
44. Good, protein-filled snack item
45. Harmonizes
46. Gift-tag word
49. Time just before
50. Discouraging words
51. “For ___ a jolly good fellow …”
54. Identifying item, abbr.
















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