Test your Cub Scouting vocabulary with this crossword puzzle




1. Cub Scouts learn to do this; useful skill for a seaman (2 words)
5. Sew what?
8. Good actions spread out like these in the community
9. Fun overnight activity for Cubs and parents
11. Colorful fish
12. Source of bacon
13. Being dishonest; this would go directly against the Law of the Pack
14. Planting these might be a part of earning the Forester Webelos activity badge
15. “Three” prefix
17. Popular
18. Landscaper’s grass
19. Material often used for sculptures
20. Skilled
22. School email address ending
25. Larger groups of Cub Scouts
26. Possess
27. Used paddles to propel a boat
29. Went down a firehouse pole
30. The ninth point of the Scout Law
33. Tool a Cub Scout might use to help someone clean up their garden
35. Hospital TV show
36. Waters a lawn
38. Long, slippery fish
39. Confidence that someone will keep their word
40. Thing just mentioned
41. “Before” suffix
42. The Bear rank may be earned by Cub Scouts who are ___ years old
43. Trademarks, abbr.
44. Word meaning “a good leader”; Cub Scout leader

1. Exciting times that Cub Scouts can have on outings
2. Feeling a team has when all members want others to succeed (3 words)
3. Common score in an evenly matched soccer game
4. Job assigned
5. Kind of fire truck a Cub Scout might visit
6. They might be used to start a campfire
7. The use of sanitary and healthy practices
9. One part of the Cub Scout promise involves being a good ____
10. Mom makes this tasty dessert
15. One of the important things a Cub Scout promises (4 words)
16. Nurse (abbr.)
17. Chicago’s state
19. Group transport for outings
21. Avian-friendly dwelling a Cub Scout might build
23. Country of the krone, for short
24. A Cub Scout must pass 12 achievements to earn this rank on the advancement
25. A Cub Scout should try to ___ (help out) (2 words)
28. Artificial intelligence (abbr.)
31. A Cub Scout might catch one at camp
32. A good Cub Scout ____ their pack in every way they can
34. A good Cub Scout will go the ___ mile
37. French for “summer” 39. Steeped beverage














Crossword Answers

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