What would your city be like without Scouts?

In Scouting’s April 1921 edition, a U.S. District Court judge states, “No city can afford to be without its Boy Scouts.” ScoutingApr1921

Judge Foster argues, “I have never come in touch with a man who had Scout training without finding him efficient and proud that he had been a Scout.

“If every boy in the United States could be taught Scouting, we could be assured of a patriotic, virile citizenry that would be a lasting bulwark against all enemies from within and without.”

Set in the context of the 1921s — in the post-World War I, Roaring Twenties climate — it’s not too hard to imagine how Scouts (and plentiful Good Turns) helped strengthen communities.

Help us examine this statement in the context of today’s cities.

Share your comment: What would your city be like without Scouts? How do your Scouts improve the community in which they serve?

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