A guide to buying ice-climbing gear

This list of ice-climbing gear will prepare you for a high‑adrenaline winter activity that’s sure to give you goosebumps.

THE WINTER SUN hangs low. Cold wind whips. You’re moving like a careful-footed praying mantis ascending a frozen waterfall, vertical ice all around. As outdoor activities go, ice climbing can be among the most intense. But now more than ever before, new gear has made the game more accessible for all skill levels. (Though it’s still a very expensive hobby.)

Looking for deals? Try finding discounts on last year’s equipment or even renting gear at area outdoor retailers. Or you can forget about buying the gear and try a seasonal ice-climbing program available at several BSA council camps.

Check out the crucial implements you’ll need to face a frozen wall and climb.

Then, read up on how you can get Scouts started as beginner ice-climbers.

Stephen Regenold is an ice climber and the editor of GearJunkie.com.

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