Enter to win an exclusive Scouting magazine patch

Enter to win an exclusive Scouting magazine patch celebrating the publication’s 100th anniversary. 

UPDATE (Jan. 2, 2014): This contest closed Nov. 30th, 2013. However, after receiving more than 2,000 entries from readers, we decided to mail 200 patches to winners (instead of the initial 100). And we aim to mail 200 additional patches in January. Yes, the contest is closed, but we are still mailing patches to those who entered. While we can’t send a patch to all 2,000 entrants, up to 400 of those who entered will receive a patch. Thank you for your support!

ScoutingMagazineAnniversaryPatchesHOW DO I ENTER?
Click below to register and enter to receive a patch. The first 100 entries will receive an exclusive Scouting Magazine Centennial Patch, shown on right.

The Centennial Patches celebrate 100 years of Scouting magazine publishing advice and inspiration for adult leaders in the BSA.

Submit one entry per the duration of the contest, ending Nov. 30, 2013.

The first 100 entries will receive one patch.

Enter now through Nov. 30.


  1. My son is in cub scouts, I am the committee chair, and my husband is the cub master. I would love to have one of these patches.

  2. I need this patch to round out my 100th Anniversary of Scouting patch collection. I have most of the Centennial patches issued.

  3. I have been reading Scouting magazine since 1961 along with my dad now in his late 80s…..still a registered scouter and who just celebrated 50 years in scouting. It would be great to surprise him with this patch.

  4. My 7 year old collects patches, it probably won’t stay mine long as he’ll stick it in his Patch Album.

  5. I have 13 yrs on scouting I’am an assistant scout master. It will be an honor to received this patch

  6. Proud parent of 3 scouts and current Cubmaster. We have been involved in scouting since my oldest son’s Tiger year in fall of 2000. What a wonderful program for our young men.

  7. would love one please to go on my camp blanket heres hopeing enjoy being a leader this year has been a special year as we have been to kandersteg in switzerland 25 hrs on a bus but it was all worth it all great fun no air con so smelly scouts

  8. I love the whole Boy Scout program its great for the whole family We have an Eagle and a Tenderfoot in our family

  9. Pound Cubmaster, Den Leader to Tigers, Bears & Webelos and Asst Den Leader to the Wolfs. Been involved with scouting for 17+ years now. I have 2 Eagles Scouts and 2 more for the future. We are a scouting family minus my husband. LOL he just carries my bags.

  10. Love what Boy Scouts have done for my Boys!!! THANKS for the magazine the boys love to get it each month!!!

  11. I just entered contest. We love scouting! I was a den leader for 5 years and now committee member and assistant scoutmaster in training. I would love to receive this wonderful patch. Thank you!

  12. From my grandfather who made it to Eagle Scout in 1928 to my son made to Eagle in 2008, my family supports the scout Program.

  13. I am a Boy Scout and I would love to get this patch. I love Scouting and reading the magazines of Scouting!!! I had so much fun at the National Jamboree!!!

  14. We love Scouting…3 boys 2 eagles and Silvers 1 with just his project to go…..Would love to win the patch…

  15. Great magazine! Great organization…proud Scouter for 28 years. Currently a Troop Committee person and Merit Badge Counselor. Would LOVE to receive a patch! Thank you.

  16. I was a cub scouts in 1959 and boy scout n 1963 -1974. My brother went through Cub Scouting and all the way to be an Eagle. My dad was a Scoutmaster for 8 years. I came back into scouting when my son joined a cub pack. I have been in scouting, as an adult, fr.om 1989 to now

  17. Scouting is the most amazing and increible magazine about SCOUTS. It is a tool for leader scout.

  18. My family is in scouting 7years ago im a leader since 5years and i woul like to have this patch and i have

  19. Scout mom!!! Just love it!! Both boys want a patch!! First Class & Life!! On our way to meeting now!!! Gotta go!!

  20. I love Scouting mag. I have been in the program for 26 years now and wouldn’t miss a meeting for the world. Love Roundtables, so much good info given out each month.

  21. I have gained lots of valuable advice from your mag over the last 10 years. Happy Anniversary Scouting Mag!

  22. I would love to have this patch. My Grandson got his Eagle this summer and I would like to give it to him.

  23. Cub scouts and Boy Scouts builds the leaders of tomorrow. I am proud to be an Eagle Scout and to help youth achieve the same.

  24. I wish to have one of those… I have been a scout since 2010 n would love to go further more with that

  25. We would love a patch for our collection. Since Scouting is such a big part of our life we look forward to the newest magazine.


  27. I have been with the scouts since my son stared out in 1st grade he is now in 7th. I have been a leader for the cub scouts for 5 years and have loved every minute of it. I have learned so much right along with boys. BSA is a wonderful program that I hope stays around for another 100 years!!!

  28. Scout Mom since my son was a Tiger. Now he is LIFE and working on his Eagle project. He is going from being very shy to being an SPL. He is still somewhat shy but more courageous to face his fears. Thank you BSA for all you have done for my son! 🙂

  29. Scouter for about 12 years and loved working with the scouts and the adults. It also brought me closer to my two sons as well. I may be passed my sell by date but if I could I’d doit again only sooner. Regards.

  30. 100 years- a great tribute to a magazine that shapes our boys. The values highlighted really helps makes great men.

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