BSA Announces 2009 Leave No Trace Master Educator Courses

Ethical principles guide a Boy Scout’s behavior in every area of his life. They also influence his behavior outdoors, whether he’s hiking in Wyoming’s Grand Tetons National Park, taking a weekend camping trip to his local council’s campground, or just enjoying a backyard barbecue some evening with his family.

Why? Because following the BSA’s guidelines for Leave No Trace enjoyment of wide-open spaces not only builds appreciation and respect for the environment, it also helps reduce the impact humans can have on the Earth’s precious natural resources and protect them for future generations.

Be mindful where you walk, for example. Errant footsteps can damage surface vegetation beyond rejuvenation. And the sight of trash and litter on trails spoils the experience for others.

Those common-sense ideas aren’t merely a set of rigorous rules. They represent a conscious way of thinking that leads to an awareness of what makes the great outdoors “great.” And for that reason, the BSA actively seeks Leave No Trace Master Educators for every Scout council and LNT Trainers for every district.

If you’re actively involved in teaching outdoor skills or providing recreation information to the public, consider taking one of BSA’s 2009 Master Educator Courses (see course schedule below).

For a fee that can range from $300 to $400, depending on location, you will qualify to train others in Leave No Trace skills and to teach other LNT courses and awareness workshops. When you finish the course, you’ll be expected to return to your home council and teach other prospective LNT Trainers.

For acceptance into a BSA/LNT Master Educator Course, you’ll need LNT Trainer status as well as a recommendation from the Scout executive of your local council. To request an application, contact the host council, national high adventure base, or your local Scout council service center.

To learn about the practical applications of Leave No Trace guidelines, click here to read our story “Do No Harm.” For more information about LNT training, check out


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