Boy Scout Leadership

Getting parents excited about Scouting

Scouter N.L. has noticed that inactive Scouts tend to have uninvolved parents. She asked how other Scouters get parents excited about the program.

Boy Scout Leadership

Creating functional Boy Scout patrols

Scouter A.S.’s troop has two patrols: the “chaos” patrol of new Scouts and the “I’m too cool” patrol of veterans. He asked for ideas on creating a better unit structure, where older Scouts teach younger ones.

Boy Scout Leadership

Preventing Scouts from leaving campouts early

In Scouter J.C.’s troop, parents often pick up their sons from weekend outings before the process of breaking camp begins. Here’s how to ensure your guys share and share alike.


Advice on safe food storage while camping

Scouter B.W.M. is concerned that his Scouts are careless in the way they handle food. He asked how to teach safe food-handling and dishwashing procedures.

Life Skills

Effectively communicating with a Scout's divorced parents

Several boys in Scouter K.C.’s Cub Scout den have divorced parents. She is looking for effective ways to communicate with adults who may not communicate well with each other.


How to encourage leaders to attend and complete training

Scouter E.K. is frustrated because too many Scout volunteers skip basic leader training. How, she asks, can more adults be encouraged to attend training courses that will make them more effective Scout leaders?

Venturer Resources

Tapping into local experts for Venturing high-adventure activities

Scouter R.S. is the Advisor of a new Venturing crew in Memphis, Tenn. He is not aware of many high adventure opportunities in his area and asks for help in finding activities that will interest and challenge his Venturers.

Cub Scout Leadership

Strategies for retaining Webelos Scouts after they cross over

Many troops work hard to recruit graduating Webelos Scouts, only to see them drop out because they don’t think they fit in. Scouter W.E.B. is looking for ways to make new Boy Scouts feel at home.

Cub Scout Leadership

How to make better use of Den Chiefs

Because den chiefs play such an important role in supporting den leaders and encouraging Cub Scouts to cross over into Boy Scouting, Scouter J.W. wants suggestions on how pack and troop leaders can recruit and retain quality Boy Scouts for this position.