Test your Scouting vocabulary with this crossword puzzle


Myles Mellor's Crossword


1. High adventure equipment in Death Valley? (Scouting Sept.-Oct. 2013)

6. Summer camp music

9. Summer camp ceremony

10. Badges earned at camp

11. Part of a needle

12. Camp dwelling

14. Applications

15. Repair some clothes with holes (2 words)

18. Virginia time in December

19. Fitted an arrow to a bowstring

21. Large tree

23. Challenging course

26. Water diverter

28. Cub group

29. Tough hiking

31. Lizards you might see at summer camp

34. Summer camp weaving product

37. Belt on a backpack

39. You might need to do this on an application form

40. Aquatic center equipment

43. Steeped drink

45. Gaining badges requires this

46. Well-liked

47. Musical instrument at summer camp


1. Summer camp range activity

2. Unified

3. Aquatic center lure

4. Summer month

5. Plunges in, at the Aquatic center

7. Symbol for a BSA honor society

8. Get prepared (2 words)

10. Summer-camp hall

13. It may be a part of a troop uniform

16. And everything else, abbr.

17. Cot

18. What?

20. A campfire story might end it at summer camp

22. Bush

24. Dark yellow-green

25. Breakfast staple

27. They are used for snow motion!

30. Xerox, e.g.

31. Senior Scout at camp

32. Gear container

33. Seasoning

35. Cooking phrase

36. Young mountain goat

38. It’s surrounded by water

40. Cooking utensil

41. Butter blob

42. Campfire item

44. Emotional intelligence, abbr.












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