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Survival Gear on a Budget

Be prepared — without breaking the bank. Check out these seven survival gear items that you can add to your pack for $20 or less.

Bracket Busting

You don’t have to be a mathematician to create a better scheduling strategy for your derby, making your pack’s event fair, fun and accurate.

Scouters in Action

Taking a cue from Boys’ Life magazine’s “Scouts in Action” section, we’ve added “Scouters in Action.” Learn how this leader helped save a life in the Navy Yard Shooting.

Guide to Cool Camps

Check out the latest addition to the Scouting magazine Guide to Cool Camps. This council camp doesn’t let cold winter weather put a freeze on fun.

Citizenship in the Nation MB

At times, the Eagle-required Citizenship in the Nation merit badge can quickly lose Scout’s interest. Here’s how you can help make the learning experience a memorable one.

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