Must Read

Advancement Facts You Need

How is the new program simpler? What’s an “adventure”? What about recognition items? Answer these questions and more about the new Cub Scouting program advancement.

Prevent and Treat Altitude Sickness

Before you and your Scouts head to higher ground, read this and learn how to prevent, identify and treat altitude sickness.

Teach Life Lessons With Stories

Use these creative and engaging storytelling techniques from the experts to teach your kids important life lessons.

How to Fight Off Burnout

A three-generation Scouter shares his advice for staying energized and focused after years of volunteer service.

Scouters in Action

Taking a cue from Boys’ Life magazine’s “Scouts in Action” section, we’ve added “Scouters in Action.” See how a Scouter saved lives after a deadly plane crash.

Guide to Cool Camps

Check out the latest addition to the Scouting magazine Guide to Cool Camps. This council camp helps Scouts explore the world underwater.

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