Must Read

The New Leader Guide

Use this get-started guide to begin your role as a Scouting volunteer. You’ll find tips on training, resources, leadership and feedback from other adult leaders.

Advice From an Eagle Scout Mom

An Eagle Scout mom shares her tips for motivating your son to continue on the trail to Eagle.

Find Time for Scouting

Seven volunteers share how they make time for Scouting while also juggling busy lives as professionals and parents.

Guide to Cool Camps

Check out the latest addition to the Scouting magazine Guide to Cool Camps. Scouts and Venturers joust at this council camp.

Help Build a Scout-Led Troop

Use these tips to help support your patrol leaders when building a Scout-led troop.

Scouters in Action

Taking a cue from Boys’ Life magazine’s “Scouts in Action” section, we’ve added “Scouters in Action.” See how a Scouter saved lives after a deadly plane crash.

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