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How to get Eagle Scout dads to help Cubs

  Question: The Eagle Scout dads in Cubmaster S.C.’s pack prefer to work with Boy Scouts, not Cub Scouts. An Eagle Scout himself, S.C. wants to persuade these men to get with the younger-boy program.

Cub Scout Leadership

Hail to the Chief

Secrets for creating the real leaders of your den.

Leader Advice and Inspiration

Getting parents excited about Scouting

Scouter N.L. has noticed that inactive Scouts tend to have uninvolved parents. She asked how other Scouters get parents excited about the program.


Getting Specific

Adult volunteers take a key step in becoming fully trained Boy Scout unit leaders by participating in council-level Leader Specific Training.

Leader Advice and Inspiration

Scouters Speak: Volunteers Who Fail to Complete Assignments

How do you deal with a volunteer who doesn’t follow through on his promises? Scouter E.K. noted that it’s awkward to tell a volunteer, “No, I don’t want you,” out of fear the task won’t

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Words Cannot Express

Every volunteer appreciates an occasional “thank you,” especially when delivered in a creative and (often) unexpected form.

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How do you best serve a troop with many leaders?

An assistant Scoutmaster says he feels unneeded in a troop with many adult leaders. Readers urge him to get plenty of training and use his skills and interests to find leadership opportunities.

Leader Advice and Inspiration

All Aboard

Getting “inactive” parents more involved in Scouting can add new resources to a troop’s leadership while enriching the Scouting experience for new Scouts and their families.