How to build a better budget

All that Scouting costs money. Follow these steps so your troop, pack or crew can make every dollar count.


Creative Money-Earning Projects

Packs, troops, and crews are using effective, and often innovative, techniques to fund their annual program activities.


Sale Time in Chelmsford

A troop’s annual yard sale earns money for Scouting and also benefits others far from the Massachusetts location.


Advice on using profits from money-earning projects

Money raised for Scouting should be spent for Scouting, readers agreed in responding to assistant Cubmaster J.E., who asked if boys could use sales earning for things other than Scouting activities and equipment


The Keys to Successful Money-Earning Projects

What’s the best way to earn funds for a well-rounded program? Successful units follow three simple steps: determine financial needs well in advance, choose projects that meet BSA guidelines, and then work like beavers to complete them.


Ideas for pack money-earning projects

In our March-April issue, Pack Committee Chair P.B. requested some good ideas for the pack’s money-earning projects. Readers offered an assortment of success stories.