Survive This: That Sinking Feeling

While whitewater canoeing, a hole appears in the bottom of your canoe. How do you repair your craft and get back in the water?


Different Strokes for Canoeing Folks

Once you’ve mastered these five basic canoeing maneuvers, you’ll be able to navigate flat-water lakes and gently flowing rivers.


The Missinaibi: A Wilderness River Journey

Boy Scouts and Venturers overcome low water, long portages, and fierce headwinds to follow the French voyageurs’ historic trade route into northernmost Ontario, Canada.

Venturer Activities

Race to Adventure

Venturers and Varsity Scouts tackle canoeing, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and backpacking to clock the fastest time in a race to adventure.


Grunt, Sweat, and Glide

The Oakland Strokes, a group of 140 Venturers in the BSA’s Piedmont Council, have a 33-year history of rowing four- and eight-person shells. Their exhaustive practice regimen and backbreaking determination have garnered regional, national, and international championships