ScoutingMay-June 1999

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Michael Gurian has a plan for what parents, mentors, and educators can do to shape adolescent boys into exceptional men. A family therapist, educator, and the author of five books about male development, Gurian is credited with first bringing "the boys movement" into the national spotlight. Writer Janis Leibs Dworkis interviewed Gurian for the article. Photograph by John R. Fulton Jr.

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In the May-June 1999 Issue

  • Letters
  • News Briefs With photographs
  • Front Line Stuff - Activities for Cub Scouts with disabilities With illustrations
  • Family Talk - Introducing your child to sports With illustrations
  • Boys' Life Program Helper
  • Unit Anniversaries The 19th World Jamboree: 'Building Peace Together' At the Foot of the Andes With photographs
    About 30,000 Scouts and leaders spend New Year's together in Chile during 11 days that build new friendships and strengthen the global bonds of Scouting.
    How Society Fails Boys [And What We Can Do About It] With photographs
    Young men today face a crisis, says author Michael Gurian, because they lack the support groups necessary for total growth.
    Reprints of this article may be ordered from Scouting magazine.
    One of the Best With photographs
    Michael Augustine couldn't be a Scout without the effort of everyone in Troop 202, whose members are used to giving each challenge everything they've got.
    Troop 451's Kauai Adventure
    Arizona Scouts explore the rain forests and coral reefs of Hawaii's Garden Isle.
    School Was Never This Much Fun With illustrations
    Central Florida Council's University of Scouting offers volunteer leaders a fun day of learning, with more than 80 exciting "hands-on" classes to choose from.
    In the Footsteps of Valor
    A visit to the U.S.S. Yorktown shows Scouts how the sacrifices of many individuals have preserved our nation's freedoms.
    Celebration of Eagles With illustrations With photographs
    From across seven decades, former members of a Kansas troop gather to honor a unit tradition that has produced more than 500 Eagle Scouts.

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