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Devin and Taisa Diedrich, assistant Scoutmasters from Minneapolis, hike toward an Okpik winter campsite at the BSA's Northern Tier High Adventure Base. Writer Bob Cary tells how Scouts learn to be "at home in the snow." Photograph by Jim Brandenburg.

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In the January-February 1999 Issue

The Scouting Journey Of Frank DeVito
Over seven decades, this veteran Scouter has touched the lives of youth and adults.
At Home in the Snow
The Okpik winter camping program teaches Scouts and Scouters how to meet the challenges of cold-weather camping.
A Boost Toward Eagle
To help older Scouts along the final leg of the trail to Eagle, the Detroit Area Council's special camp offers hands-on instruction in required merit badges.
Roundtable for Fun and Know-How
This monthly district gathering is defined as a training session, but for Cub Scout leaders it's a time for fun, fellowship, and a chance to be a kid again.
The Granddaddy Of Klondike Derbies
New Jersey Scouts celebrate 50 years of "mushing" in Scouting's traditional cold-weather team skills challenge.
Thang Tien!
At the 6th International Jamboree on Vietnamese Scouting, youth and adults celebrate the language, culture, and history of their ancestral homeland.
Safe Driving in Hazardous Situations
Foggy mist, freezing rain, wet snow, a torrential downpour, and other dangerous conditions can occur suddenly, and each circumstance requires special precautions and specific driving techniques from motorists.

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