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Every other month in the city of Metropolis, Ill., the Scouts of Troop 101 visit the homes of residents to collect newspapers for recycling. The 22-year tradition, which the troop started four years after the town adopted Superman as its official superhero, helps pay camping expenses for every troop member. Photograph by Stephen Seeger.

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In the September 1998 Issue

The Legacy of Troop 1135
In 1969, Steve Hauser, a college student in Los Angeles, decided Scouting could make a difference in the lives of urban youth.
Astronomy for Scout Groups
Observing the stars and planets, a great activity for evening meetings or at camp, can lead to a lifelong interest in science.
Super Town, Super Troop
In Metropolis, Ill., where everyone's hero is the Man of Steel, Troop 101 does a super job of recycling the community's newspapers.
A Special Scout
Tourette syndrome has not prevented Ryan Farrell from success in Scouting and writing a book about his condition.
Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student
A teen-ager from Turkey joins an Indiana family for a year, strengthening family bonds and sharing different ways of life.
Kandersteg Summer
A U.S. college student learns how Scouting bridges many kinds of boundaries.
Carving Memories and Identities
Texas Scouts learn the ancient Native American skill of totem pole construction for a special contribution to a park honoring local Eagle Scouts.
A Plan and a Vision
The Strategic Plan 1998-2002: A Summary
At its national annual meeting in San Antonio, the Boy Scouts of America launches a bold, new strategic plan focusing on values, leadership, and character.

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