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Boys' Life magazine helps make your Scouting program and your Scouts excel. Research shows that boys who subscribe to the magazine advance farther, spend more time outdoors, and stay in Scouting longer than those who don't. There's something for everyone in Boys' Life. And everyone can receive the magazine every month.


For six decades, Don Juan Pedro Ladino de Philmonte—better known to you and your Scouts as Pedro—has munched his way through the pages of Boys' Life. In June, to honor BL's 100th birthday, the mailburro macsot gives a hilarious first-person account of his life story.

Pedals, meet mettle

Seven states, 33 days, and 2,000 miles. Now that's a cycling trip. These Scouts had the ride of a lifetime before ending their journey at last summer's national jamboree. In May, your guys can read about the adventure—and all the flat tires and skinned knees along the way.


Millerton Cave is a cold, dark, and dangerous place—which means the Scouts of California Troop 709 were sure to have a blast there. The guys put on their wetsuits and rappelled into the cave for some underground fun. Now it's your guys' turn. They're invited to walk, jump, crawl, and swim with the Scouts of Troop 709 in the May issue.

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For a one-year, nonmember subscription, send $24 (add state taxes as applicable) to Boys' Life, Subscription Service, S302, 1325 W. Walnut Hill Ln., Irving, TX 75038. Anyone in your pack or troop, however, can receive the magazine at home for only $12 a year (add state taxes as applicable). That's just $1 an issue! To get this great bargain, check with your local Scout council service center. Outside the United States, all subscribers add $21 for additional postage for each one-year (12 issues) subscription.

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