Nothing But Fun

A good reason for your pack to meet in the summertime.

LONG DAYS, WARM NIGHTS, and school vacations make summertime a great time for Cub Scouting. Packs that meet over the summer hold onto their members and leaders longer, and activities like day camp let new Cub Scouts start their Scouting adventures on a high note. And if that weren't enough, packs can earn the National Summertime Pack Award for doing nothing more than having fun in the summer. There are three levels of the award: pack, den, and individual.

What are the requirements for the pack award?
All you have to do is hold three pack activities over the summer: one in June, one in July, and one in August. After you've done that, you're eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award streamer (No. 17808) for your pack flag and the National Summertime Pack Award certificate (No. 33731A) for your meeting place.

What kinds of activities count?
The sky's the limit. You could attend day camp as a pack, hold a family cookout, conduct a service project, or spend an afternoon working on belt loops and pins from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program. This is a great opportunity to involve parents in the planning. Ask them to plan an activity or an event. Just remember to keep the emphasis on fun.

How do the den and individual awards work?
A den that has at least half its members at the three summer pack events can receive a ribbon (No. 17806) for its den flag. For the individual award, a boy must attend all three events. Once he's done that, he'll receive a National Summertime Award pin to wear on his uniform. The pins match the boy's neckerchief slide, and there's a different pin for each Cub Scout rank: Tiger (No. 14332), Wolf (No. 14333), Bear (No. 14334), and Webelos (No. 14335).

Where is the National Summertime Award pin worn?
The pin goes on the right pocket flap of the Cub Scout uniform.

How do we apply for the National Summertime Pack Award?
Complete the National Summertime Pack Award application and submit it to your local council service center. (You can download the form at The form asks for the exact number of dens, boys, and family members who participated in each event, so be sure to keep good attendance records.

Our pack meets at a year-round school, so we already have year-round den and pack meetings. How can we qualify for the award?
You could hold special pack activities during long school breaks, even if they don't occur in June, July, and August.

I've heard about Scouting's new Journey to Excellence program. Does is replace this award?
No. That program replaces the Centennial Quality Awards Program. Note, however, that summer activities do contribute to several Journey to Excellence measures.

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