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Heavy snow lends an added element of excitement for Scouter Chip Campbell (left) and Venturer Kyle Lidstone on their crew's spring-break trip to ski and snowboard the slopes around Jackson Hole, Wyo. Photograph by Trevor Clark.

In the January - February 2011 Issue

Westward Snow!
How do you turn an ordinary spring break into the ultimate winter adventure? Learn the secret from this extraordinary bunch of Venturer and adult-volunteer skiers and snowboarders as they journey from Minnesota to Wyoming to hone alpine skils and find frosty fun on the slopes.
Heads in the Right Place
If you think a troop's no-whine culture deserves some kind of award, you're right. But while hiking with sore ankles through unrelenting rain at South Dakota's Mount Rushmore Pilgrimage, the Black Hills Council's Troop 88 had little time to think about trophies -- until they did.

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  • From the CSE Have you heard about Scouting's childhood-health initiative? Bob Mazzuca fills you in on the goals of a task force that's been formed to determine how the BSA will promote healthier lifestyles through many of the programs we already offer.

  • Boys' Life Preview Don't know what a "frontside ollie" is? Your guys will. So give them a heads-up to the skateboarding tricks in February's issue. And in January, don't let them miss the story on Eagle Scout and Lego master Gary McIntire or the one about Northern Tier's new fishing program, where one troop caught a bunch of big ones.