Beef, Italian Style

From bland to grand — cooking the perfect pot roast.

By H. Kent Rappleye
Photographs by Pat Haverfield
Styling by Angela Yeung

Everything tastes better in a Dutch oven. That’s not my opinion—just a simple fact. Maybe it’s the weight of the lid, which serves as a low-level pressure cooker. Maybe it’s the taste of the cast iron. Or, maybe, it’s just because cooking in a Dutch oven is usually done outdoors and the surroundings are so beautiful that anything tastes good.

Take a classic dish like pot roast. Most folks cook it with a dry, onion-soup mix. Same way, time after time—it gets kind of bland. Not at our house. A few years back, our two oldest sons, Joseph and Hyrum, took the good ol’ pot roast and gave it an Italian spin for a Mother’s Day dinner. They eliminated “bland” when it comes to pot roast. We all loved it, and I think you will, too.

H. Kent Rappleye, president of the International Dutch Oven Society, is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow.

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