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Join us for a fun, informative look back at some of Scouting's history-making people, programs, events, and stuff as the Boy Scouts of America celebrates its 100th Anniversary.

In the January - February 2010 Issue

Welcome to our special section, prepared by author and Eagle Scout Mark Ray and the editors and designers of Scouting magazine. These pages guarantee a fascinating look back at some great moments in Scouting's history.

Faces of the Founders
Their names are splashed across Scout councils, camps, museums, and awards. So who were the men who created the Boy Scouts of America? Check out our quick introduction to nine of Scouting's key founders.
Get With the Programs
If you think you know all about Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Venturing, think again. Get all the skinny on how these programs started -- and why.
Special Events
Scouting always has had its share of big events like the monumental ArrowCorps5 conservation project in 2008. We'll show you other historic occasions where Scouts came through when it counted.
Scout Stuff
Remember when you sewed merit badges onto a coat sleeve, or when your Cub Scout flashlight looked like a PEZ dispenser, or when you could share adventures with your personal Scouting action figures? See the fun gear, gadgets, and more.
Scouting timeline
Look back at important events in Scouting history.

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