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Assistant Scoutmaster Mike Malone sold son Tad and the Scouts of Troop 466 on riding a cattle drive along the route of the old Chisholm Trail. Head 'em up! For the complete story, click here to read writer Guy De Galard's "Trail Tale."

Cover photograph by Dan Bryant.

In the November - December 2009 Issue

Good Tidings
A holiday message from the Boy Scouts of America.
Build a Better Boy
What will inspire success and happiness in your son? Give him a purpose. In this exclusive interview with best-selling author Michael Gurian, he tells you how.

BONUS: Identify and rank your boy's values and reveal his inner dialogue, and then check out a list of rite-of-passage elements that can help make you a better mentor.
Klondike Rush!
No hand-me-down, prebuilt sleds at this Klondike Derby. In an exciting return to the event's roots, about 200 Scouts and 75 adults from 17 troops from the Blue Water Council in Port Huron, Mich., braved frigid temperatures to build their toboggans from scratch. And the race was on.
Trail Tale
Guess what these suburban Scouts and Scouters from Troop 466 in Sunnyvale, Calif., learned to love most about their weeklong cattle drive along the legendary Chisholm Trail? Hint: It wasn't the weather.
A Web-site Exclusive
Behind the Carve
What's kept the Cub Scouts of Wyoming's River Bend District creating colorful works of art for more than 20 years? An annual event that lets them all become stars of the snow.

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